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    About Specialised Forklifts
    Forklift Rental Specialists - Specialised Forklift Solutions Specialised Forklift Solutions P/L is a family run, family owned business operating and serving clients throughout Sydney, Western Sydney and outer regional centres. Specialised Forklifts have 45 years experience in all aspects of the forklift industry including maintenance, breakdown, hire and sales. We provide 24/7 service utilising mobile repair units which are capable of onsite repairs and servicing of all forklifts ranging between 1 to 50 ton lifting capacity.
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    Used Forklift Sales - Forklift And Operator Hire In Hawkesbury

    When discussing material handling equipment overall, forklift vehicles are at the top. You will see a bunch of these machines moving around the warehouses, construction sites & even dockyards regularly. In short, these industrial vehicles are important, and whether your site involves cargo loading, transportation, or unloading, you probably also require forklift equipment. So are you looking to hire a forklift in the coming days? Specialised Forklifts is here to fulfil your forklift hire requirements.
    As said earlier, warehouses, logistic & storage facilities and construction project managers need forklift transport for their day-to-day operations. But acquiring these industrial vehicles is difficult, especially if you need a huge number of forklifts in your warehouse or at the construction site. You should reach out to Specialised Forklifts, as we bring affordable forklift rental services to Hawkesbury. Whether you want a forklift for transport work in all over Sydney or rubbish removal work, we have the right equipment for you! Aside from forklift on-hire services, we also provide fully licensed forklift operators on hire. So you can tell us your requirements, and we will give you tailor-made solutions on the spot!

    Buy Used Forklift From Specialised Forklifts - Grab The Best Deals

    Buying a fleet of used forklifts for transport & load storage makes sense. You don’t have to put a huge upfront investment in purchasing these vehicles; they are also cost-effective in the long run. You simply have to purchase these used material handling equipment from a reliable company like Specialised Forklifts. Every year, hundreds of clients benefit from our used forklift sales section. Not only do we keep many well-maintained forklifts at our site, but we also have different types of forklifts for sale. So, if you don’t want to acquire a forklift on hire, you can buy used forklifts from us. We will give you the finest rental deals on the Hawkesbury market. Talk to us right now!

    Forklift And Operator Hire In Hawkesbury - Specialised Forklifts

    Earlier, we addressed about the issue of hiring a forklift for transport work all over Sydney. But what about the personnel/operator that operates the material handling equipment in and around the warehouse? Surely you need a few good operators to smoothly handle all the loading, transportation & unloading of the cargo or other materials through rough terrains. So should you hire new people for the job and invest a chunk of your money into their forklift handling training? Or should you hire already trained forklift operators with all the licences to manoeuvre forklifts in your warehouse? The answer is simple - On long- or short-term contracts, you should hire qualified operators from a reputable company like Specialised Forklifts. We offer lucrative packages for forklifts and operators hire in Hawkesbury. You can select the best choice based on the needs of your project and your finances!

    Maintenance, Repairs & Emergency Breakdowns - Let Us Handle All That

    There’s more than just used forklift sales and operators on hire when you come to Specialised Forklifts. We provide all sorts of maintenance & inspection services for your forklift fleet. That’s right. You can call us and have us check your forklift’s condition whenever you want. We are always ready for the job, as we know how important it is to have a well-maintained & properly functioning forklift for your transport & loading activities.
    • On-site and mobile service
    • 45+ years experience
    • Family owned business
    • Fast turnaround time
    • Friendly staff

    Our team has years of experience working on brands such as Yale, Toyota, Caterpillar, Mitsubishi Electric & many more. So you can come to us without any hesitation. Specialised Forklifts will repair and provide servicing for your forklift fleet in Hawkesbury. Call us on 0417 214 224 and get a free quote right now!
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