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    About Specialised Forklifts
    Forklift Rental Specialists - Specialised Forklift Solutions Specialised Forklift Solutions P/L is a family run, family owned business operating and serving clients throughout Sydney, Western Sydney and outer regional centres. Specialised Forklifts have 45 years experience in all aspects of the forklift industry including maintenance, breakdown, hire and sales. We provide 24/7 service utilising mobile repair units which are capable of onsite repairs and servicing of all forklifts ranging between 1 to 50 ton lifting capacity.
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    Get Professional Forklift For Hire & Sales Nearby Narellan

    Looking for a forklift hire nearby Narellan? We can assist you with forklift hire, forklift transport, used forklift sales or forklift and operator hire since these are some of the Specialised Forklifts' primary areas of expertise. We provide rental forklifts and material handling equipment to customers. Also, You will be able to continue to satisfy your client's needs if you rent forklifts with an operator during those unexpected occasions when demand spikes.

    Solution That Is Customised to Meet Your Requirements

    We offer a variety of fully inclusive forklift hire, forklift transport, used forklift sales or forklift and operator hire packages that are ideal for longer terms. These packages include all parts and labour, and their rates are fixed throughout the duration of the rental. Because of this, the total rental cost is known, making it convenient for planning and budgeting purposes. A forklift hire gives a quick and flexible supply of mainstream equipment without buying or making a long-term commitment. This eliminates the necessity for any kind of financial investment. You are simply one click away from finding the quality that your company needs to continue operating normally. At Specialised Forklifts, we provide you with fast, uncomplicated, and trouble-free access to the most comprehensive selection of material-handling equipment that is currently on the market. When you work with us, you'll have access to the latest technology, which has optimal operator ergonomics, proven dependability, and the highest safety standards in the business.

    We Provide Flexible Solutions Tailored to Your Requirements

    You have complete control over the length of the rental term, which can be as short as one day or as long as you choose. Our locally-based rental fleet is completely committed to meeting all of your requirements. We are ready to assist you with strong vehicle fleets that are easily available across Narellan if you need specialised equipment. During the rental, if the nature of your work or your requirements change, we can provide you with another vehicle tailored to your evolving specifications. You can hand the forklift back at any moment, extend the rental period, or switch to another forklift available. Our rental solution is provided by the most up-to-date and extensive fleet, maintained by our in-house experts who have received factory training. Before it can be delivered, every vehicle goes through a comprehensive examination to ensure that it satisfies our standards and applicable legal and safety requirements.

    What Makes Us A Bit Different?

    Specialised Forklifts offers you access to more equipments and forklift transport vehicles all over sydney whenever you need to utilise them temporarily. This includes container stackers, customised forklifts, work platforms, accessories, used forklift sales and warehouse handling equipment. Because of the wide variety of options available, businesses are able to put together their own unique fleets that function perfectly. Specialised Forklifts will be available to provide you with assistance and direction at every stage of the process. From the moment you submit your rental enquiry and continue through the duration of your custom-designed rental period up until the moment you hand back your rental vehicles. A specialised forklift is a partner that you can count on before, during, and after; we supply you with the ideal leasing solution to meet your specifications. In fact, as a part of our service, we also provide forklift and operator hire.

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    Do not settle for less than the finest. We have been a dominant force in the Narellan region for more than four decades. The high quality of our service and meticulous attention to detail are direct reflections of this status. We usually have many forklifts and other high-quality used equipment available for forklift hire. The forklift and used materials handling equipment are all of exceptionally high calibres. To get you and your company started in the right direction, we also offer a selection of forklift transport in all over Sydney, including forklift and operator hire, as well as a variety of maintenance packages.
    Get in touch with us if you are interested in hiring a forklift for a single day or for an extended time, and we will provide you with a quote immediately. Contact us now at 0417 214 224, or write us at admin@specialisedforklifts.com.au
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