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    About Specialised Forklifts
    Forklift Rental Specialists - Specialised Forklift Solutions Specialised Forklift Solutions P/L is a family run, family owned business operating and serving clients throughout Sydney, Western Sydney and outer regional centres. Specialised Forklifts have 45 years experience in all aspects of the forklift industry including maintenance, breakdown, hire and sales. We provide 24/7 service utilising mobile repair units which are capable of onsite repairs and servicing of all forklifts ranging between 1 to 50 ton lifting capacity.
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    Looking For Professional Forklift Services Near Parramatta?

    Specialised Forklifts is your primary destination for forklift hire, forklift transport, used forklift sales, forklift and operator hire and other related services. We make it easy for you to avail the perfect materials handling equipment as per your needs and budget. We pride ourselves on providing the best in class services and support for forklift hire, forklift transport and other related services. For the last four decades, we have successfully provided forklift transport service all over Sydney and created a name and reputation for being a reliable and trusted source for all your forklift needs.

    Why Choose The Services Of Specialised Forklifts?

    At Specialised Forklifts, we prioritise customer satisfaction and strive to provide you with nothing less than the best. We offer you assistance and guidance at every step of the way, from the moment you submit your rental enquiry, throughout the rental period, until the moment you hand back your rental forklifts. We go the extra mile to make the entire process of forklift hire fluid and transparent. You can find an extensive range of specialised forklift transport vehicles all over Sydney and materials handling equipment for hire, including container stackers, work platforms, and used forklift sales, which you can rent for the duration as per your requirements. We also provide forklift and operator hire to ensure utmost efficiency and safety. Our high-quality and on-time services make us stand out, the first choice for forklift hire and forklift transport services in Parramatta and all over Sydney.

    Best In Class Equipment Tailored As Per Your Needs!

    Specialised Forklifts will take care of the forklift hire process so that you can focus on your business and continue your daily activities hassle-free. Our extensive and high-performance range of forklifts will meet your requirements. If you are looking for specialised materials handling equipment to get your job done, you can rely on us to provide tailor-made machines per your requirements. Over the period of the rental, in case there are changes in your requirements, we can provide you with another vehicle to match your specifications. At Specialised Forklifts, we allow you to extend the rental period from a short one-day hire to a 5-year long term; you can choose different available forklifts per your needs.
    Our vehicles and materials handling equipment are quality-checked, and we ensure that they meet the safety standards and requirements as legally applicable. Our qualified and experienced professionals maintain our large and modern fleet. When you choose Specialised Forklifts, you select the highest quality, the latest cutting-edge technology and the most efficient operators in the industry to meet all your requirements related to forklift and operator hire in Parramatta.

    Find The Perfect Used Forklift For You!

    Used forklifts are an affordable and efficient choice to meet your lifting needs without going over budget. At Specialised Forklifts, We provide used forklift sales to offer you in finding the unit that best suits your requirements while keeping your budget in mind. Pallet jacks, side loaders, reach stackers, and order-picker platform forklifts are just a few of the handling equipment you may find at Specialised Forklifts. Moreover, we offer to customize the equipment with special attachments like rotators, jibs, and safety cages to suit your requirements. To make the process simple and hassle-free, our friendly team is always eager to work with you and give you the ideal used forklift according to your requirements.

    Reach Out To Us!

    Get in touch with us for all kinds of forklift hire, forklift transport, used forklift sales, and operator hire services and be assured of the best quality service at affordable rates. So look no further and get in touch with Specialised Forklifts! Feel free to call us at 0417 214 224 or email us at admin@specialisedforklifts.com.au, and get a free quote today!
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