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    About Specialised Forklifts
    Forklift Rental Specialists - Specialised Forklift Solutions Specialised Forklift Solutions P/L is a family run, family owned business operating and serving clients throughout Sydney, Western Sydney and outer regional centres. Specialised Forklifts have 45 years experience in all aspects of the forklift industry including maintenance, breakdown, hire and sales. We provide 24/7 service utilising mobile repair units which are capable of onsite repairs and servicing of all forklifts ranging between 1 to 50 ton lifting capacity.
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    Efficient & Effective Forklifts - Specialised Forklifts

    Although not used for normal transport, forklifts are extremely crucial in the day-to-day lives of factory and warehouse workers. When it comes to warehouses, construction sites and other storage facilities, you cannot work without a forklift as you would need it to move heavy boxes and items from one place to another. Although the market is wide open for forklift sales, it wouldn’t make sense to buy a brand new one, particularly if you need it for a short duration. In such cases, you can look for forklift hire services in Penrith to stop all your concerns. Luckily, Specialised Forklifts is a one-stop shop for forklift hire and used forklift sales. When you hire our services, we try our best to provide you with efficiency.

    Perks Of Choosing Us

    When you get in touch with Specialised Forklifts, there are various benefits that you will get with our forklift hire services in Penrith.

    Save Your Money

    Forklifts are of the utmost importance for construction sites, warehouses and storage facilities. It becomes significantly easier to move stuff with the help of forklifts, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a significant chunk of money on purchasing a new one. With the forklift hire services of Specialised Forklifts, you may significantly reduce your expense by hiring a forklift for a short time. Hiring a forklift is much more feasible than purchasing a new one.

    Leading Brands

    When we provide forklifts for hire, we don’t just give out any brand. Specialised Forklifts has partnered with various leading manufacturers and provides top-rated forklifts. We stock forklifts from the brands like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi Electric, etc., that ensure quality and maximum efficiency, so you don’t have to be concerned about speed-breakers in your work.

    On-Site & Mobile Service

    We understand that your work can see a standstill when a machine or two breaks down. Everything can come to a screeching halt, and nobody would want that. Aside from forklift hire services, we also provide breakdown and maintenance services. Specialised Forklifts amasses the experience of more than four decades which allows us to know about a problem within minutes and find its solution even faster. With our on-site and mobile services, you only need to call us and describe your issue. We will be at our feet to repair all the damages and get your work resumed before you know it.


    That experience is one of the most important factors. It’s just one of the many factors where we have the edge over other competitors. Our competent team at Specialised Forklifts has a combined experience of more than 45 years and still going strong. With such experience at our hands, you can be assured that we know what we do.

    Other Services We Offer

    Breakdown Services

    Forklift breakdowns can happen anytime. It can be during the middle of the day when you have an urgent shipment, and at such times, you must get them repaired at the earliest. We at Specialised Forklifts provide emergency breakdown services where you can just call us, and we will be there to repair any problem.

    Used Forklifts

    If you don’t want to hire forklifts and need them permanently, there is still no need to shell out a lot of money as we provide the services of used forklift sales. Get the best-refurbished forklifts from the leading brands only!

    Operator Hire

    In addition to used forklift sales and forklift hire, we also provide operators for hire. If your designated operator is on leave and you need someone to operate these machines, you can use our forklift and operator hire services.

    Contact Us

    Irrespective of what forklift services you require, as the name suggests, Specialised Forklifts is there for you. All you need to do is contact us at 0417 214 224 or compose a mail at admin@specialisedforklifts.com.au for a free estimate!
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