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    About Specialised Forklifts
    Forklift Rental Specialists - Specialised Forklift Solutions Specialised Forklift Solutions P/L is a family run, family owned business operating and serving clients throughout Sydney, Western Sydney and outer regional centres. Specialised Forklifts have 45 years experience in all aspects of the forklift industry including maintenance, breakdown, hire and sales. We provide 24/7 service utilising mobile repair units which are capable of onsite repairs and servicing of all forklifts ranging between 1 to 50 ton lifting capacity.
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    Complete Forklift Repair & Maintenance Service In Hawkesbury

    We don't have to emphasise how essential forklifts are for warehouses, dockyards and construction sites where transportation is required. These industrial machines help your working staff lift and move cargo or pallets from one location to another within a few minutes.
    That's why companies & storage facilities invest thousands of dollars every year in purchasing new or used forklifts for their daily operations. Then, a forklift or two might suddenly stop working, which is detrimental to the operations of your warehouse or construction project. If you encounter such situations within your forklift fleet, you can call Specialised Forklifts to your site. Similarly, we are here for you if you need forklift maintenance services for your fleet. Our technicians are ever-present to check your machines, fix the underlying problems and give you peace of mind. Specialised Forklifts brings the complete package for forklift repairs & maintenance.

    Call Specialised Forklifts Whenever There's Any Issue With Your Forklift

    Every business that deploys forklifts on their project site has to deal with a few problems down the line. Keeping this in mind, you have to stay ahead of such problems and have a reliable forklift repairs specialist such as Specialised Forklifts on your speed dial. Since if you don't fix the issues before it gets too late, your business productivity will suffer. Eventually, your business reputation will be tainted in the process. No business owner or project manager wants that, do they? So it would be wise to hire us for regular forklift maintenance & repairs service in Hawkesbury!
    Here are the common problems seen with forklift vehicles & materials handling equipment in general!
    • Emergency Breakdowns
    • Leaks
    • Travel & Lift Problems
    • Issue With The Accessories
    • Battery Problems
    • Forklift Not Starting
    • Electrical Problems
    • Cooling Issues
    • Faulty Engine
    As you can see, these problems are pretty common with forklift fleets and must be addressed as early as possible. So, call us whenever you need quick, hassle-free & affordable forklift repair service!

    Regular Forklift Maintenance & Servicing

    Repairs & replacing the damaged parts of the forklift is a costly affair. Such repairs may put a lot of burden on you financially, which would then impede your business operations. That's why experts suggest that you should regularly put your forklift up for servicing. By doing so, you will see these benefits in the future.
    • It helps avoid accidents on the site or while transporting cargo.
    • Gives you a detailed report on potential issues with your forklift.
    • You will see an improved performance overall.
    • Your company's overall productivity will get a solid boost as well.
    • It saves much money you would have otherwise paid for repairs!
    It's a no-brainer that regular forklift maintenance is something you should arrange for your forklift fleet in Hawkesbury. Leave everything to us as we have a crew of highly-experienced technicians and mechanical experts available for this job.

    Why Hire Specialised Forklifts?

    You can't just go to any forklift repair service provider in Hawkesbury, can you? Diagnosing the underlying issue, replacing the damaged part and making sure everything's working smoothly with your forklift is something that should be left only to the experts. Otherwise, you might regret your decision to hire an inexperienced forklift repair provider for your fleet. Specialised Forklifts ticks off all the boxes when it comes to ideal forklift maintenance specialists in Hawkesbury.
    • On-site and mobile service
    • 45+ years experience
    • Family owned business
    • Fast turnaround time
    • Friendly staff
    • We deliver custom solutions for you
    • You can buy used forklifts from us
    Give us a call, and get a free quotation for our services!
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